Joplin Workshops Near Construction Completion, Create New Partnership

Joplin Workshops Near Construction Completion, Create New Partnership
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There’s a lot happening at the Joplin Workshops.

They’re wrapping up construction after a fire –and have entered a new partnership that will mean more jobs.

In March of last year, there was a fire in the laundry area at Joplin Workshops.. destroying machines and equipment, and shutting down operation.

Susan Adams, Joplin Workshops Executive Director:”The construction started in mid July, and was slowed down a tiny bit by all of the rain that we had, and our completion date is targeted for the end of October.”

Preston Scheurich, Midland Enterprises:”We had to replace the entire roof. There was a couple of, there was a main support over there we had to replace and two bays that we had to completely replace where the fire was.”

The room is now close to complete, and will remain mostly unchanged so it can be used for warehousing space.

Adams:”Our goal is to grow manufacturing and other divisions back into that building, so that we can create more jobs since warehousing doesn’t create very many.”

The fire put 50 employees out of the job.. many of which still want to work, but don’t have their own transportation.

Joplin Workshops requested 70-thousand dollars in city funds to purchase a van to fill the need. Council said they couldn’t provide those funds.. but did provide some other options.

Troy Bolander, Planning and Community Development – City of Joplin:”We’ve offered to help with offering city vans that we have used in our transit system, another grant that we had offered to them was a section 53-10 grant. It offers financial assistance to private non profits to purchase capitol items such as vans or transport.”

The workshop has also announced a new partnership with Joplin ProPrint — where they will do specialty fabric printing and embroidery in the workshop.

Curt Medlin, Joplin ProPrint:”We’ll provide complete sales and marketing services for the workshop and all their apparel wear. They will provide all the production and fulfillment of that product.”

Production of that product will create multiple jobs –weather it’s learning to print or folding and packaging — for employees who need the work.

Adams:”We’re very excited about the future.”

Construction at the former laundry area at the workshop will total upwards of 500-thousand dollars. All of which will be covered by insurance.