Joplin water rescue class turns into actual rescue

JOPLIN, Mo. —It’s getting hotter here in the four states. meaning more people will be heading to the water to cool off.

Because of this, it’s crucial to know what to do should anything take a turn for the worst

“It’s very important because, this river right behind me looks very friendly right now, yet it is very powerful, and it is persistent and with strainers and such that are in our rivers it’s just very important to know what to look for and avoid the problems,” said Rob Moody with Arkansas Outdoor Outfitters.

On Sunday, the group hosted a river safety course in Joplin to give people hands on experiences performing water rescue and safety techniques.

“I’m teaching swimming techniques, to be able to get out of the water,  wading techniques to go across and wade across to help somebody else, I’m also teaching rope throwing techniques and techniques of getting people into the banks with the throw rope,” Moody said.

These techniques ended up saving a life.

During an activity where course participants simulated a rescue by throwing ropes and bringing each other to shore, a woman floated by in distress.

“We were just having a training exercise of throwing ropes to a survivor going down the river. There was a girl coming down the river and she had a life vest on I could see in her face that  she was having trouble so I said rope, do you need a rope, she said yes and so I threw a rope to her,” said Kyle Murdock.

Murdock, a participant in the course, says once he got a good look of the girl, it was clear she needed help.

“The girl coming down, she had a concern in her face, so I knew she needed help.”

This experience only solidified the importance of water safety training like this.

“It feels pretty good I mean, without that training I don’t think I would’ve known how to throw the rope and you know get her in safely….you never know what you can expect, I mean that’s why it takes practice and you know practice your skills and be ready.”