Joplin travelers not too affected by airline cancellations

Globally, airlines have cancelled over 2,000 flights.

JOPLIN, Mo.–Traveling for the holidays can be stressful enough, but when you add in over 500 flights being canceled in the U.S on Christmas Eve, that can enhance some stress.

Luckily, those flying to the Joplin Regional Airport on Christmas Eve didn’t have too much to worry about.

“Yesterday night we were kind of going over the news, if our flights are being canceled, but yeah, so no new, no new news. we’re good,” said Melissa Adoremos.

Adoremos flew from Chicago into Joplin on Friday to find she was not one of the hundreds having their flight canceled or delayed for the holiday season.

“Well, for United, I think they are canceling 200 flights, so we were worried about it. But come in the morning and there is no news or updates about our flight’s cancelation, then we’re all set and we’re going to go,” she said.

The Joplin regional airport didn’t report either of Friday’s flight’s being canceled, although one travel did experience mild delays.

Brianna Cousineau flew into Joplin on Christmas Eve knowing she would face delays ahead of time.

“So we had an email like probably like two weeks or like a week and a half earlier saying that it had been delayed an hour. But obviously, like that’s I mean, that’s a fair amount of time to give,” Cousineau said.

After dealing with it herself, Cousineau has some advice for anyone else trying to travel this holiday season.

“I guess we were, you know, just trying to be as friendly and supportive as you can for other people…I mean, we’re all traveling for the holidays, right? It’s always crazy… but like I said, people on our flight were super respectful and were totally fine, happy holidays,” said Cousineau.

Globally, airlines have canceled over 2,000 flights this Christmas Eve.