Joplin tax preparer says to file now if you’re expecting a refund

Income Tax Sign

On Friday, Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin tweeted that the tax filing day had been pushed back from April 15th, to July 15th.

The treasury secretary says all taxpayers and businesses will have additional time to make payments without having to worry about penalties or interest.

The general manager at Joplin’s Liberty Tax Service says that according to the IRS, that filing deadline change has not been made official yet, but they can confirm tax payments won’t be due until July 15th.

“I’m still urging all our customers to come in if they’re expecting a refund, and to file. Make sure you file. You’ll still get that refund that you can use if we get that quarantine or anything like that,” said Trenton Dunlop, the general manager at Joplin’s Liberty Tax Service.

Dunlop also says that he thinks moving the filing deadline will be a big help to people who owe on their taxes but need that money for COVID-19 concerns.