Joplin student arrested with gun, no direct threat

Joplin student arrested with gun, no direct threat

Joplin school officials say a 14-year-old is in custody after being found with a gun at the high school. Police say there was no direct threat to the school or intent to harm.

The Joplin School District says a student overheard a comment about a high school student having a weapon on property and told an administrator. Sarah Mwagni, the Director of Educational Support and Human Resources, says the school “took the information very seriously, immediately apprehended the student, and called juvenile and police authorities.”

The Jasper County Juvenile Office and Joplin Police Department continue to investigate the situation. School officials say a stolen weapon was confirmed and confiscated from the juvenile student. Joplin police say the student is being held for unlawful use of a weapon. Police say the handgun was reported stolen to the Joplin Police Department on December 14th, 2018. In that case, authorities say the handgun was stolen from an unlocked vehicle on the northwest part of town at a home.

The school district says police have assured them that it is safe to continue with their regular school routines.

“We commend our students and staff for taking swift action and being an advocate for safety today,” says Sarah Mwangi.