Joplin Shooting Survivor Who Wasn’t Expected To Live Speaks About Recovery

Joplin Shooting Survivor Who Wasn’t Expected To Live Speaks About Recovery

One of the survivors of a Joplin shooting shares how he has since recovered, both emotionally and physically. Nine days ago, Joplin police say 26-year-old Tom Mourning the second fired a gun at the duplex he shared with his father, then shot into a van and a truck.

One of the victims was not expected to live, and doctors were preparing his wife for this outcome.

Ken Eby is a standing miracle. He’s still recovering, and still trying to understand.

“As far as really knowing just exactly how bad it was, or whatever, I’ve never heard,” says Eby.

Eby’s wife, Vicki, is still trying to grasp what happened.

“I am in shock. I have to be. I haven’t broke down,” says Vicki.

Two bullets are still inside Eby. He had a ruptured pulmonary artery, and two lobes in his lungs were punctured. Eby had only two liters of blood in his body when he was rushed to the hospital, and he was given 18 units of blood.

The odds were against him. He could have died.

“But he won’t admit it,” says Vicki.

“I guess I’m stubborn,” says Eby.

But that stubbornness may have helped Eby survive. He and his wife also say there was something else…

“God was in that van,” says Vicki.

Eby is a survivor.

“Why should it change me? I still believe in the Lord. There’s nothing I can do to change anything,” says Eby.

Eby’s wife, though, is in a different stage of healing.

“I cringe when I go down the road. I’m driving, so I’m cringing. That’s getting better. I’ve heard the gunshots in my ear. That’s getting better,” says Vicki.

The two comfort dogs who were with Eby and his wife during the shooting are also getting better. Louie was shot in the neck, and a bullet grazed Jackson’s ear.

Everyone is taking it easy, at least for the time being.

In the midst of Eby and his wife’s own recovery, though, they’re not concentrating on themselves. The two look forward to taking Louie and Jackson out again to whoever needs some TLC.

“They mean the world to us,” says Vicki. “And we will protect them.”

Eby and his wife say they want to burn the clothes they were wearing when they were shot at; it would be their own way of getting rid of the past.

The shooting suspect has entered a plea of not guilty towards multiple charges, including armed criminal action and first degree felony assault.