Joplin Schools Wait for Response From FEMA

Less than 6 months after the Joplin tornado, the Joplin School District started rebuilding their schools.
Now, the school district is still trying to come to a funding agreement with FEMA.
“FEMA will only replace the value of what was lost, not the added value of the extra room and space that we rebuilt” says Joplin School Board President Jeff Koch.
The Joplin School District has already paid for the rebuilding projects. But FEMA is a reimbursement agency that pays the school back 75 percent, then the State Emergency Management Agency reimburses an additional 10 percent of the original school’s value.
FEMA says there are 4 first appeals, or funding requests pending related to Joplin schools.
“There was some discrepancy on what the value that we lost was and through something called errors and omissions that gives us an opportunity to share our case while we think that that value was valued a little bit too low” says Koch.

FEMA says that they hope to have their reviews ready within the next month.
The school board president says that this is a normally long process but the rebuilt schools will be something the district will be able to enjoy for a very long time.