Joplin Schools shift back to its pre-pandemic reduced-price lunch program

JOPLIN, Mo. – The NSLP’s decision to stop providing free school lunches as a result of the pandemic has Joplin Schools switching back to its typical low-cost program.

Families seeking assistance on school lunches must fill out an online application to determine their students’ eligibility for free or reduced-price lunches on campus.

Joplin’s Nutrition Services Director, Rick Kenkel, is urging all families to fill out the form, even if they have not previously applied or been eligible for free/reduced meals in years past.

“There have been a lot of changes to our local and regional economy over the past three years,” said Kenkel. “Even if your family didn’t qualify for free or reduced meals previously, there’s a chance you could do so now, and we want to be sure we capture that availability as quickly as possible for the new school year.”

Joplin provided the average lunch cost for the following students:

  • Joplin Early Childhood and all elementary schools – $1.90
  • Middle Schools – $2.05
  • High School – $2.25
  • Reduced lunch cost – $0.40

Historically, about 60% of Joplin Schools students have qualified for free or reduced-price meals.

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