Joplin School Board discusses what returning to school may look like in August

The Joplin School Board met tonight to discuss a few things, one of those items, what the return to school may look like.

Thursday night’s special meeting began with discussion on a plan the district calls “A Day In The Life Of An Eagle”. The preliminary plan outlines six key points the district feels will get them in the classroom this August.

A quick breakdown of those six things:

  1. Wear a mask upon arrival – the district is wanting students to wear a mask while riding the bus and while waiting to go to their classes in the morning, until their temperature is taken at the school.
  2. Breakfast – elementary will have breakfast in the classroom, middle and high school would have grab and go or socially distanced breakfast.
  3. Equity with instruction – this is having virtual learning in place, just in case.
  4. Mask wearing during the school day – which would include during passing time to classes at the secondary level, group projects, or other situations when students would be close to one another.
  5. This is similar to breakfast, having lunch in classrooms or socially distanced, with similar plans for recess.
  6. Is wear a mask upon dismissal – which is a reverse of point one.

Superintendent Dr. Melinda Moss says “We know that that traditional school day has got to look different in terms of layers of protection and procedures that we put in place for our students.”

As for the technology part, the board approved a $218,000 purchase of ChromeBooks for the 6th and 7th graders, meaning all students from 6th to 12th grade will now have remote technology. Asst. Superintendent of Operations Dr. Kerry Sachetta says “It sets us up very well for any student who ends up maybe having to be home for some period of time.”

Dr. Moss says the key thing, is flexibility. “We have to be flexible and if you look at the document there is a line at the bottom that talks about how this is all subject to change as new information and new things develop, and so that is the name of the game right now is to be flexible.”

Dr. Moss says there is a survey out to all parents by tomorrow asking their thoughts on a return to school. The survey will also include a copy of the current draft plan.

Click here for an FAQ from the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE) about schools reopening.

Below is a copy of the preliminary plan.

A Day In The Life Of An Eagle