Joplin School Board approves capital outlay projects

JOPLIN, Mo. – Joplin Schools Assistant Superintendent of Operations presented Capital Outlay Projects Tuesday evening to the school board for approval.

These projects and their budget were approved back in February, but due to their cost being over $15,000 per project, needed to be formally approved at this meeting. Now that they have been approved, the district can hit the ground running.

“When it comes down to bidding and approving the expenditure for these projects we need board action, and this would give the board a chance to ask any questions or look at the bids or look at how things were prepared,” said Kerry Sachetta, Assistant Superintendent of Operations.

Most of these capital outlay projects are related to infrastructure, and with board approval can get begin immediately , in the hopes many can be in place by the time school starts next fall.

“You have about nineteen buildings across the district and you have roofs that reach their duration of time, or air conditioning and heating units…and lighting we’ve been doing a lot of different things with lighting across the district to try and save money across the district with led lights, those are also part of our projects,” Sachetta said.

He says the last few years the school district has been trying to replace all of their lighting with L.E.D lights to save money and have a better atmosphere.

“It also helps with some of our students with special needs, we’ve noticed a great increase with their experience at school because of the led fixtures and for some particular students that have challenging needs,” Sachetta said.

At Junge field, the lights are becoming too costly to run, which is why the school also wants to replace those lights too.

“The lighting we have there the fixtures are old, and the lights themselves are more costly to run, so we felt it was time to take care of that need as well,” Sachetta said.

There are also projects relating to improving Junge field’s safety of it’s bleachers and adding handrails and other seat modifications.

The rest of the projects up for official approval keep  focus on fixing the overall quality of Joplin school district, and include:

  • Three-year asbestos reinspection
  • Purchase and Install 20 Roof Top Unit at Stapleton Elementary
  •  McKinley Elementary Partial Roof Replacement
  • Memorial Education Center Partial Roof Replacement
  • Fire Alarm Replacement at North Middle School
  • Lever Handle/Lock Retrofit at Kelsey Norman
  • Demolition of Old East Jr. High Gym at McKinley
  • Junge Waterproofing
  • Junge Bleacher Safety
  • Junge Replacement of Stadium Lights (LED)
  • LED Lighting Fixtures for Up to Three Locations in the Joplin School District
  • Lighting Install at Up to Three Locations in the Joplin School District