Joplin residents to have another option for downtown dining

Starting Tuesday Joplin residents will have one more option for downtown dining. The manager of M&M Bistro says it will serve Mediterranean dinners and quick lunches for the business crowds where Ardes Bistro used to be.

The owners moved from Iran just one year ago and say they are excited to offer another option for Joplin diners. The diner will bring back the chef from Ardes Bistro with a new twist.

“Since we are in the downtown, you see the downtown people are so fast they need something to just get it, eat it and go,” says Mehrdad Alvandiehr, the manager of M&M Bistro.

According to the Downtown Joplin Alliance just in the past year the area has welcomed four other restaurants with plans for more on the way. The Alliance attributes the interest to Third Thursday Art Walks and a refocus on getting people downtown.

“As we popularize the area and as we continually reconceptualize that downtown is a cool place, it’s a beautiful place, and it’s a thriving place, so people are interested in their businesses,” says Trisha Patton of the Downtown Joplin Alliance.

M&M Bistro says they aren’t just excited to open up the new restaurant, they are also excited about jumping in and being a part of the Joplin downtown community. They say they’ll continue to open up their banquet hall for future Third Thursday events downtown.

“Art Walks and about seven artists just came at the banquet and they just put their things here so, we are trying to work out more than that,” says Alvandimehr.

With about 30,000 people showing up to Joplin’s Third Thursday every year, M&M Bistro says they are excited to put down roots in the community and give people a good option for Mediterranean and Persian cuisine.

According to Patton, downtown will continue to thrive as the city continues to put a focus on extending its urban core.

In the next quarter Patton says we can expect a new fondue and martini bar from the owners of JB’s Piano Bar, as well as a Palace Pizza as well.