Joplin residents join others around the globe in “Global Climate Strike”

Dozens of residents line Main street to protest
Joplin residents join others around the globe in “Global Climate Strike”
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It’s happening in Seattle, New York City, Chicago, Northern Ireland, and all around the world.

People are taking to the streets to demand changes to climate policy, just three days before the United Nations Climate Action Summit.

That includes right here in the four states.

“It’s not just about how I feel about the world today. It’s about what I leave for those who come after me,” says Colleen Carroll, a Joplin pastor.

Dozens of residents took off work and school to line Main street and demand action on climate change.

It was put together by the group “Joplin Climate Strike,” and is part of a global effort.

“The thought that we can just ignore it is being scientifically proven to be a lie,” Carroll claims.

They’re trying to get more people who don’t believe in climate change to think differently, and they want the local governments to use more alternative power and lower emissions.

To them, climate change is a problem that everyone should help fix.

“People like employers, and school directors, principals, teachers, stuff like that. People who have a little more influence in society are who I want to reach,” explains Joplin High School student Adam Weber.

While there are huge protests in other places like England and Chicago, these people in Joplin want to make a difference in their own community.

“This represents that there are people everywhere in the United States who are willing to go out, sacrifice a day of school or work in order to show their commitment to getting effective climate action,” says Weber.

The group plans to hold another protest on September 27th.


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