Joplin residents gather to protest the death of George Floyd and demand change for the black community

As many states face violent riots, looting and destruction...Russell says they just want to peacefully get their message across.

JOPLIN, Mo. – Protests ignited across the country after a video showed the murder of George Floyd who died during a police encounter in Minneapolis on May 25th.

Floyds death sparked outrage in many states over police brutality and injustice against the black community.

And now two protests in support of the black lives matter movement took place in the four state area as well.

“We’re going to walk around with our signs and just protest that’s what we’re here to do, we’re here to represent the black community and we’re here to represent those that can’t be here today those that were lost, the mothers, daughters, brothers, sisters everyone” said protest organizer Geralyn Russell.

As many states face violent riots, looting and destruction…Russell says they just want to peacefully get their message across.

“We don’t want any trouble, we don’t want to riot, we’re here to do what we’re supposed to do, to be heard, that’s all.”

The protest on 7th and Range Line Road drew dozens of supporters holding signs and chanting words like: Black Lives Matter, George Floyd and I can’t breathe.

The event later merged with another protest on main street in front of City Hall.

“Just as an American I’m just tired of seeing my fellow American citizens dying” said protest organizer, Jacob Cooper.

Cooper says that just because the death of George Floyd did not happen here, doesn’t mean they did not feel the impact and that it’s important to demand change.

“My black, African American friends are scared and they shouldn’t be scared and I’m scared for them and that’s something that shouldn’t be there. We need to have comfort with our police officers.”

Joplin police stood by just in case things escalated, but the protestors remained peaceful.

“The black community has been oppressed for so long and we’re just sick of it and we want change” added Russell.