Joplin Regional Airport staff warns travelers about Real ID deadline

Real Id

Do you have your Real ID?

If you want to board a plane, enter a federal building, or a military base after the last day of September, you’re going to need one.

“If you have a license that you’ve had for 3 years or something like that, then that license more than likely is not Real ID compliant,” said Steve Stockam, manager of the Joplin Regional Airport.

Passports and military IDs also work in place of a Real ID, but the manager of the Joplin Regional Airport says his staff is still trying to get the word out about getting a Real ID, so 4-State travelers aren’t left high and dry.

“Our fear is obviously, that we’re going to get close to the October date. People are going to have trips planned and feel that they’re compliant, and then they’ll get out here and they’ll be turned away, because they will not have an ID that is compliant for them to get on,” said Stockam.

The airport manager says, many local travelers assume their Missouri ID meets Real ID requirements because the state of Missouri is compliant with the Real ID Act, but that’s not necessarily the case.

“If you do not have an ID or diver’s license that does not have the Real ID star up in the corner, then that ID is not Real ID compliant,” said Stockam.

To learn more about Real ID requirements, check out the FAQs provided by the Missouri Department of Revenue and the Kansas Department of Revenue.

For Missouri, click here.

For Kansas, click here.