Joplin ready to present its parks master plan to city council

Joplins Landreth Park


JOPLIN, Mo. – Joplin city staff has come up with a master plan to upgrade and possibly even expand on Joplin’s many parks, and they’ll soon be presenting it to the city council.

The city says it has one of the largest municipal park departments in the entire state, and city management believes growing and maintaining those parks is integral to improving life in Joplin.

“Parks in this day and age are seen as an economic development driver. We need to make sure that we’ve got something that is a destination for Joplin so that we’re attracting others,” said Joplin City Manager Nick Edwards.

After receiving input from Joplin residents, the park plan’s authors zeroed in on 5 main goals they think will improve the city’s parks systems. They include prioritizing safety, educating the masses, cultivating health and wellness, improving connectivity, and developing destinations.

“One of the big themes in the parks master plan is the idea of creating more destination-like parks. A lot of our parks could stand to have a good upgrade. There are other amenities that the community wants such as some trails and connectivity efforts,” said Edwards.

Attracting visitors and new residents is the goal of every growing city, but city officials say the parks plan was also developed with oplin’s 50,000 current residents in mind, which is why a big part of the plan is keeping those parks many Joplinites have grown up with in tip top shape.

“There’s also some infrastructure things that we need to address with your traditional lighting and security systems, and other things we need to do to protect our parks and protect our citizens,” said Edwards.

If you’d like to take a look at the entire 159 page Joplin Parks and Recreation Roadmap which is meant to guide the growth of the city’s parks for the next decade, click here.