Joplin Police SWAT operation related to death investigation six blocks away

Capt William Davis tells us this SWAT at 2201 S Empire is related to the earlier death investigation at 2201 S Jackson
Structure fire
2201 S Empire, Joplin, Missouri.

JOPLIN, Mo. — About 10:15 p.m. Thursday night information received from sources that Joplin Police SWAT were surrounding a residence in the Blendville Neighborhood.

We arrived about 10:30 p.m. to observe a Joplin Police operation at 2201 Empire. The residence sits on the SE corner of 22nd and Empire. Across the west alley from Blendville Christian Church parking lot.
Capt William Davis of the Joplin Police Dept updates us live on the scene, saying this incident is related to their death investigation just six blocks away at 2201 S Jackson.

“A person of interest they were attempting to locate in reference to that investigation, they received information that he was at 2201 S Empire. So throughout the evening they were able to confirm that information. Investigators obtained a search warrant for that residence along with an arrest warrant to the death investigation.”

2201 S Empire, where suspect in Thursday death investigation was hiding in attic space.

Initially Capt Davis says patrol attempted to get the male to exit the residence and he refused. So SWAT was activated and arrived with the MRAP shortly after 11 p.m.

For a period of hours with officers surrounding the residence on a bullhorn one could hear:

“[Suspect name] This is the Joplin Police Dept. We have a warrant for your arrest. Come out the front door with your hands above your head. Do it now.”

Capt Davis tells us they introduced chemical agents into the structure numerous times. He tells us those agents are specifically not incendiary in nature.

12:40 a.m. smoke was visible from the top of the residence that then turned to flames. Joplin Fire Dept was summoned.  Active flames were extinguished quickly with an unmanned water cannon on top of one unit.

Capt Davis states they believe just before the fire began a single gunshot was heard from the inside the residence.

After extinguishing the fire officers located a male in the attic space deceased. That male is the suspect, one whom they had an arrest warrant for, regarding the death investigation. No names are being released at this time citing next of kin notification.

The residents on Empire were not home when the operation began. No firefighters or officers were injured in this incident.

This is a developing news story. Stay with Joplin News First as we continue to learn more.