Joplin Police report shows slight increase in crime

Increase in arsons, car thefts, sex crimes
Joplin Police report shows slight increase in crime
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The Joplin Police Department has released their annual crime report for 20-18.. showing there was a slight increase in crime.

Trevor Duncan, Joplin Police Department:”Our goal is to always decrease crime, but there are gonna be those years like this one where crime is a little bit up.”

In 2018, there was a one percent increase in crime compared to 2017.

Of the types of crime that increased the most.. arsons took the lead.. going from seven to 29.

Duncan:”What we’ve learned over the years is arsons really kind of go up and go down. So you get one person who’s responsible for ten or fifteen fires, or one person responsible for five. And when you track those people down, or they move out of the area, or something changes, then those numbers change too.”

Car thefts saw a jump.. increasing by 10 percent from 396 to 438.. and burglaries went up by 11 percent from 485 to 547.

The number of sex crimes in the city increased by 32 percent as well, from 101 to 133. But, Duncan says there’s more to that than the number reveals.

Duncan:”What we’re seeing is people are more comfortable than ever in reporting those crimes. so, it may not, it’s not all attributed to an increase in the actual crime, but in the same token, we take those reports very seriously. we do get a lot of charges and convictions on sexual crimes against children, and other sexual crimes. so, it is concerning that that number’s rising.”

Unfortunately, Duncan says a large number of those sex crimes are against children and are *not* random.

Duncan:”It’s a tricky situation because you know, as a parent myself, we want to limit our kids exposure to the real world, you want to limit your kids knowledge of the bad things that can happen to them, but you also want to keep them safe. So it’s just a real big challenge for parents to find that fine line and figure out how to kind of manage that situation.”

Taking steps to prevent being a victim against all crimes.. the first line of defense so you don’t have to see the red and blue.

Duncan:”You want to make sure that you’re putting yourself in the best position possible to not be that victim.”