Joplin police reflect on Ring’s effectiveness

Ring footage catches a porch pirate

LABETTE COUNTY, Kan – The Labette County sheriff tells KOAM that Tuesday’s burglary arrest was the first time his department used Ring camera footage to catch a suspect.

KOAM wanted to know if Ring was more widely used in an area with a larger population, so we reached out to Captain Nick Jimenez with the Joplin Police Department.

“It comes in handy during the holiday season. Lots of package thefts take place. (That means) people walking up to your porch and taking a package that’s been delivered. It’s assisted us with locating and developing suspects,” said Captain Jimenez.

However, Captain Jimenez says the security system isn’t without its drawbacks.

“If we get 6 hours of worth of surveillance and nothing’s on that footage, it’s 6 man-hours that somebody’s ultimately having to go through that footage,” said Jimenez.

But Captain Jimenez says combing through security footage is part of the job, and confirms ring cameras have led to multiple arrests and convictions in Joplin.

Captain Jimenez wants to make it clear that Ring isn’t the only home camera system that’s helped the JPD identify suspects, and says other similar systems like Google Nest have been helpful as well.