Joplin Police Make Donation To Baxter Springs Police

Joplin Police Make Donation To Baxter Springs Police

It’s not uncommon for police departments to replace equipment they use, sometimes it’s because it wears out, sometimes it’s because a grant will cover newer equipment.
But then, what do you do with the old?
Chris Warner followed some donations from Joplin to Baxter Springs…
So, what happens to old police equipment, when it’s time to replace it, or it’s just outlived it’s usefulness to a department?
Most of it – can be sold at an auction, but not everything can be put out there.
Capt. Trevor Duncan, Joplin Police Department: “There’s a lot of situations where the equipment is no longer of use to us but it is of use to another department, but it’s not something for public consumption so therefore auctioning it is off limits.”
For a smaller department like Baxter Springs, it can be difficult to buy equipment for officers.
So, they often have to go on the hunt for replacement items.
Sheldon Bales, Baxter Springs Reserve Officer: “Approximately five years ago we received a donation of vests, I think there were probably six or eight of them in there, and that was from Overland Park, Kansas, but they have since expired and are no longer usable.”
So, they reached out to JPD…who had four vests they could send over.
Bales: “This isn’t the first time we’ve received aid from Joplin Police Department, in 2014 our city was struck by a tornado and they were here immediately and they offered 24 hour manpower, a lot of equipment, for approximately two weeks, so basically, they’re just an extension of our family.”
Duncan: “Even though they’re across state lines and a couple of communities away, we’re all still pretty close knit, we know each other, we work with each other, we provide assistance back and forth, so, us helping them today could easily turn into them helping us another day.”
Bales says the best part – savings on an already tight budget.
Bales: “It doesn’t cost the city nothing, and these can cost upwards of $800 a piece.”
Bales says the Baxter Springs reserve officers do take donations – cash or otherwise, and anyone wanting to help can drop off their donation at the police department on West 11th Street.