Joplin Police Department Incident Spotlight – posted 12/20/2017

Joplin Police Department Incident Spotlight – posted 12/20/2017

Incident Spotlight

Yesterday morning at 1:16am one of our officers was driving at 10th and Porter. He saw a male cross the road in front of him, taking a drink out of an open bottle of vodka. The officer contacted the male. The male began cursing the officer out and refusing to give him his name. The officer tried to control the male after he reached into his pockets, and both went to the ground. The suspect jumped up and began grabbing at the weapons on the officer’s belt, a nd a fight ensued. The male then ran north, still cursing at the officer. The officer was able to knock the male to the ground in a vacant lot to the north, where the fight continued. The male kicked the officer in the chest and then ran again. He then threw an item down and the officer took him to the ground as they ran to the east. The male rolled away, stomped the officer in the chest and face and then ran again. At this time the officer and an arriving back-up officer were able to get him into custody. It was determined the item he threw was a bag of marijuana. He was charged with public consumption, possession of marijuana, resisting, assault on officer and other violations. He as identified as Benjamin Carlson, 34, Joplin.

Later in the day, at 5:19pm officers were dispatched to 526 South Range Line for a hit and run. A witness followed a suspect vehicle they had seen hit another vehicle on a parking lot. The officer arrived and located the suspect vehicle parked in front of Party City. A male was at the passenger side and walked to the driver side, ignoring the officer talking to him. He then took off running to PetSmart to the front doors, then turned and ran down a row of vehicle before falling. Officers arrested him. He continued to resist and fight, trying to spit on officers. He also kicked several officers trying to place him into the police car. He was determined to not be the driver of the vehicle, but had ran because he had 6 warrants from Joplin, Carl Junction and Jasper County. He was also charged with resisting and assaulting officers. He was identified as Bradley S. Harris, 33, Galena.

All officers involved stayed on duty with minor injuries.