Joplin Plaza to be redeveloped into ‘Creekside Plaza’, as new retail/entertainment destination

4 mile bike tunnel under 7th street

Joplin plaza has gone through numerous changes over the years. It was Joplin’s first urban shopping center in the area, but now it is considered an underutilized property.

But the future of the 20 acre site is looking up.

“Just revitalizing it, making it a destination, something different to Joplin” said Executive Vice President of Property Management, Christine Pennington.

The Newmark Moses Tucker Partners along with Joplin City officials are pushing for a development concept, called Creekside Plaza.

“We’re wanting to bring something similar to what we’ve done in Northwest Arkansas, with the connectivity of the parks and the biking trail, and we’re hoping to bring some family friendly amenities to Joplin” added Pennington.

The Creekside Plaza concept would include new infrastructure for retail and entertainment, a River walk, Creekside park and a 4-mile walk/bike trail tunnel that would run underneath 7th street. The bike trail would connect between Ewart park and Murphy Boulevard park. There is a possibility for an outdoor ice rink, bike repair station and more.

The concept would be the first trail-facing connectivity destination for Joplin, with the central location being the Creekside Plaza.

“Good for Joplin being able to do something good for the community, and everything being able to look pretty. Hopefully it’ll bring entertainment here to where everybody’s excited to come here, where you know, it’s not really just a business city, you know, everyone comes here for work and then leaves” added Joplin resident and Transportation Broker, Austin Tubaugh.

Other people who work in the plaza who are concerned about parking issues and whether the redevelopment will affect rent prices.

Pennington says they are still in the works and looking at what is feasible.

“Completion I’m not sure, but I’m thinking within the next 12 to 18 months we’ll really be in the midst of it.”

Funding for the project is also being discussed.

According to a post from Joplin Chamber of Commerce President, Toby Teeter, the City of Joplin is installing the walking/biking trail as the first step to the project.


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