Joplin Outlaws host two-day youth baseball camp

Around 70 kids showed up to day one of camp Monday.

JOPLIN, Mo. – The Joplin Outlaws hosted day one of their two-day youth baseball camp on Monday morning.

For the team, it’s a chance to pass along their love for the game and gain some new, young fans in the area.

“I just hope they fall in love with the game, and they learn one little thing. Whether it’s about base-running, hitting or pitching – we want them to start thinking about the game a little bit,” says Outlaws head coach Gonzalo Gonzales, “Hopefully they take something away and they fall in love with someone on our team and they come back to watch some more games.”

“It’s a big part to have all the fan support, especially the little kids coming up to you and asking you for autographs and stuff like that,” says Outlaws pitcher Edrian Rangel, “It makes you feel special in a way.”

While the camp teaches young kids the fundamentals of baseball, the Outlaws players also take something away from the day.

“I really do hope they take away a sense of joy from being with these kids,” Gonzales says of his players, “They fell in love with the game at this time, too. I hope they take this seriously and I hope they help these kids out. The city of Joplin does a great job of supporting us, and we have to do our part and give back.”

Day two of the camp will be Tuesday morning, beginning at 9 AM at Joe Becker Stadium in Joplin.