Joplin native shares work on COVID-19 antibody research

JOPLIN, Mo. – A Joplin native is doing clinical research with Eli Lilly, a pharmaceutical company in Indiana working to fight COVID-19.

Janelle Sabo says her company obtained isolated antibodies from a COVID-19 survivor.

Researchers with Lily have sequenced those into a monoclonal antibody with the idea that if it works, this molecule will be able to bind to COVID-19, meaning the virus would have no way to bind to a receptor in the human body making you sick.Testing

It could also reduce the virus in active cases, something that could make a real difference in nursing homes where 40% of all coronavirus deaths occur.

It’s not a vaccine, but it could be a treatment for individuals with COVID-19 symptoms.

Sabo says this work is personal as she worries about her family in Joplin.

“I have family who work in factories, or are in health care, or in the legal profession, and certainly I worry for them. I think masks go a long way, I think excellent hygiene goes a long way,” said Sabo.

Sabo says data should be released sometime this fall or early winter.

Results should help predict which populations are best suited to this treatment.