Joplin NALA READ 2nd Annual Literacy Liftoff

“Reading and Literacy Efforts can Lift Up Everyone to New Opportunities in Today’s World!” — NALA READ
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JOPLIN, Mo. — Thursday evening, September 8 at the MSSU Soccer Fields is the 2nd Annual Joplin NALA READ Literacy Liftoff.

NALA says it’s another way to Celebrate Reading. The basic foundation of learning.

What is NALA READ?

“More than 36 million American adults struggle to read, write, do math, and use technology above a third-grade level. The Program for the International Assessment of Adult Literacy (PIAAC) examined the United states and 23 other industrialized countries and found that U.S. mean literacy score was below the international average – Ranking 16th out of 24 countries. There is a correlation between low literacy rate and a low paycheck. Just 35% of individuals with below basic skills are employed full-time, while 64% of people with proficient literacy skills have full-time employment. The salaries of adults with below-basic literacy skills are, on average, $28,000 less than salaries of adults with proficient skills.” — NALA READ (click for more)

They stress these key objectives as an organization:

1. Recruit and tutor adults who need help in reading, writing, math and/or English as a Second Language.
2. Recruit and train volunteers.
3. Provide programs to increase the family’s awareness of the value of reading.
4. Promote literacy awareness.
5. Coordinate with community resources.

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More details on the flyer!

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Flyer for event on Sept 8.

There will be other great community organizations at the event like P.A.T. (Parents as Teachers), the Joplin Public Library and Adult Basic Education.

“Reading and Literacy Efforts can Lift Up Everyone to New Opportunities in Today’s World!”