Joplin Memorial Run still set for December 12, 2020

Joplin Memorial Run

JOPLIN, Mo. – Race officials announce that, pending no major changes regarding COVID-19 in Joplin, the Joplin Memorial Run is approved to proceed on Saturday, December 12, 2020.

The Joplin Health Department and Joplin City Council gave the race final approval, according to Race Director Ruth Sawkins.

JMR parent company Active Lifestyle Events President Audie Dennis says “We are very thankful to the city, the Joplin Health Department and to Freeman Health System for the confidence they have placed in us and in our ability to produce a safe environment for our participants.  With everything that has happened in 2020, we know our runners are excited to be able to participate in an uplifting, positive event“.

JMR organizers will be releasing more details, including social distancing and mask rules, next week. You can learn more by visiting the Joplin Memorial Run’s website.

The 2020 Icon of Hope: The Butterfly

Every year building to the 10 year anniversary we pick a different icon of hope from the Joplin Tornado. This item inspires our design for the year.

2018-Spirit Tree

2019-Joplin High School signed turned into HOPE High school

2020- The Butterfly

2021- 10 year anniversary Icon

Why the Butterfly:

After the May 2011 tornado, we heard many stories from people who were in the tornado’s path and saw or felt angels, sometimes referring to them as “butterfly people.” It was obvious that in the midst of great destruction, God was protecting us. In the weeks that followed, butterflies covered the city of Joplin. As this year’s icon, the butterfly is a reminder that destruction is not the end of the story for our town or its citizens. The future is bright, and we are growing together!