Joplin mayor: Possibility of stay at home order

City officials are discussing this possible measure

Joplin, MO –  Joplin’s mayor signs off on new measures for Covid-19 prevention.  The actions were discussed at today’s briefing at City Hall.

Joplin Mayor Gary Shaw approved a new ordinance limiting public gatherings to 10 people.  The mayor said he wants city rules to reflect new state rules regarding public gatherings.  Mayor Shaw also said he is discussing and exploring the option of a stay at home order for Joplin.  If this does happen, only essential businesses would be open, including places to buy food.  Healthcare and childcare would also be essential businesses.
“We are going to have to take some steps that are pretty serious, but when we take these steps, it will help us get down the road quicker,” said Mayor Shaw.
Joplin’s health director said as of early this afternoon, there were no new Covid-19 cases today.  City officials say building permit approvals will continue as usual, but the length of time for these permits to be approved will be longer.