Joplin mayor acknowledges calls to shut down the city

Joplin Mayor Gary Shaw addresses public during COVID-19 briefing

At Thursday’s COVID-19 briefing at city hall, Joplin Mayor Gary Shaw acknowledged the large amount of feedback he’s getting over whether he should issue a shelter-in-place order for the city.

The mayor said that he’s listening to comments and reading every email he gets, and said he’s heard from plenty of people who are both for and against Joplinites staying at home.

The mayor says he’s relying on local medical experts and state leaders before he makes a decision.

“We have the ordinance in place. We have it all ready to go. And we can enact it whenever we need it. Obviously, I’ll not only be looking to our local health officials, and our health department as well as both of our health systems in town, but we’re also watching and listening to what our governor’s doing. So we’re trying to stay right on top of this and we’re trying to do what’s best for all of our citizens,” said Mayor Shaw.

Joplin’s city manager also spoke at the briefing, and let Joplin residents know they can participate in the upcoming city council meeting.

Those who want to make their voices heard to the city council need to fill out an online form that will be read at the meeting and entered into the record. You can find that form by clicking here.