Joplin man pleads not guilty to making a terrorist threat

Downtown Joplin
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Downtown Joplin (2019)

Colt Scott faces a charge of 3rd Degree Terrorist Threat (Misdemeanor). Authorities say he made an alleged terroristic threat against downtown Joplin. Scott pleaded not guilty in court on Wednesday, September 25th.

It started with a Facebook post by Scott that read, “Thinking about committing genocide. Watch out downtown Joplin. You thought 5-22 was bad. Cross me (laughing emoji) some of you have it coming.”

Several residents that saw it contacted police.

Chief Stewart says, “The state law in itself is a bit vague, the post that was made was a bit vague, and so, that’s why, we became aware of it, we went and made contact with him and started looking into it.”

According to the probable cause statement leading to Scott’s arrest, authorities say they received multiple phone calls referring to Scott’s threats to attack the Pride festival event in downtown.

Chief Stewart says “Anything like this, when we get something like that we’re going to look into it, and see if there’s any validity to it, obviously the event was going on downtown, so we reached out to the event organizers that were planning the event, just to let them know that hey we’re aware of it, wanted to make sure that they knew that and we were taking precautions and let them know about those precautions.”

Chief Stewart says what’s important in this situation, is ‘See something, Say something’.

“Each time we take each one of those on their own merit, and sometimes they rise to the level of criminal activity, sometimes they don’t, but the important thing is in this case and other cases is somebody’s seen something out there that causes them some concern and they’re letting us know about it and they’re letting us do our job, let us look into those, and then we’ll make a recommendation,” says Stewart.

After his arrest, Scott bonded out. KOAM was unable to locate Colt Scott for an interview for the September 3rd story.


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