Joplin man gets life in prison 2 years after killing son’s girlfriend

PINEVILLE, Mo. – A judge gives a Joplin man life with the possibility of parole for killing his son’s longtime girlfriend. Today’s sentencing is on the two-year anniversary of the murder.

Rickey Lee Lamb, 62, entered a guilty plea to second degree murder on April 15, 2021. The crime happened on June 17, 2019 on Eloise Lane south of Joplin, Missouri.

Lamb went to the home of his son and his son’s girlfriend Sarah Tyminski. According to the defendant’s own statements, included in the probable cause document filed with the case, Lamb went to the home to scare his son over a custody dispute over his son’s children.

According to documents, Lamb says he shot Tyminski because he thought she was trying to get a weapon. EMT’s pronounced her dead at the scene.

Witnesses testified that Lamb said he was going over to the home to teach the two a lesson.

According to the Newton County Prosecutor, Mary Jo Curtis, mother of Sarah Tyminski, provided testimony of what she lost on the day her daughter was murdered. She noted that Sarah wouldn’t see her children grow or get to know her grandchildren. Curtis stated that months prior to the murder, she had bought plane tickets to get Tyminski out of her abusive relationship, but the father of the children would not let them leave and she was unwilling to leave her children behind.

“The family of Sarah Tyminski will have some closure with justice being exacted on Rickey Lamb,” said Newton County Prosecuting Attorney William Lynch. In his argument for the life sentence,
Lynch stated that Lamb may have described by defense witnesses as a protector and a giver, but he was also a taker. “Rickey Lamb took the life of Sarah Tyminski, he took a mother away from
her children, and he took that family’s future together.”

Before pronouncing the life sentence, Judge Selby stated that despite the description of the defendant as a protector, “the only person that needed protected that day was Sarah Tyminski.”

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As part of the plea, the court dismissed counts of Domestic Assault First and Armed Criminal Action against Lamb. Court officials did not include a limiting range of punishment as part of the plea deal.

The case was investigated by the Newton County Sheriff’s Office and prosecuted by William Lynch, J.D. Hatcher, and Sarah Crites, of the Newton County Prosecutor’s Office