Joplin Humane Society starting to see pets surrendered due to hardships from the pandemic

And the Humane Society is doing what they can to provide resources for families who may be in similar situations.
Humane Society Dogs

JOPLIN, Mo. – The ASPCA released data in August that showed that more than 4.2 million pets in the US were likely to end up in poverty in 6 months’ time due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

It’s been four months since that data was released and the Joplin Humane Society has seen some of those predictions come true.

“Some of the things that we may not think about with the pandemic is the way it affects the animals in our lives. There are cases where families have become very ill and not being able to take care of their animals or a hard time due to loss of jobs or things like that from the COVID pandemic, making it so they have to come up with another option for their pets” said Tianna Fischer, Shelter Services Manager.

While fortunately they have not encountered a ton of animals being given up to them.

A handful of pets have been surrendered to their care.

“Sometimes that last resort is they have to bring them to the shelter to surrender. We have had a couple come in that have come from some situations that are heartbreaking but were here to help. We help these animals get into new homes, we’re here to help if these families are just on hard times and need food were here to help as well” added Fischer.

One of the surrenders is Aiden, a shepherd mix who’s family was financially strained from the pandemic, and could not take care of him any longer.

“Aiden got brought in due to financial situation and he was a little shy, definitely nervous about being here, but we’ve had some absolutely amazing volunteers working with Aiden and bringing him out of his shell and really let him shine. So he’s adjusting well, he’s really an amazing dog, and we’re glad he has this second opportunity for a forever home” said Fischer.

And the Humane Society is doing what they can to provide resources for families who may be in similar situations.

“We encourage anybody who is considering rehoming their animal to give us a call we definitely can go over different options and different scenarios of things that they can do in order to make the best decision not only for the family but the pet as well” added Fischer.

The Humane Society also has a food pantry and low cost spay and neutering available to help combat pets being surrendered.