Joplin Humane Society Sees Major Increase in Animals Due to Warmer Weather

Joplin Humane Society Sees Major Increase in Animals Due to Warmer Weather

Warmer weather and longer days, means more animals are out and about, and that’s putting pressure on Joplin’s Humane Society.

“It’s kind of unusual, this time of year to already start seeing the numbers go up, typically April is when we just start to see anything change,” says Shelter Manager Lysa Boston.

But this spring the shelter has seen a major increase, they’re up a hundred animals from this time last year, and a hundred dogs more from last month.

“It’s a little bit overwhelming. Here we kind of equate it to playing musical chairs, you know we struggle every day to make sure that we have enough places to put the all the animals that come in,” says Boston.

Shelter directors say the best way to stop the cycle and free up more beds more beds at the shelter is to get your dog micro-chipped like Sapphire here, who’s ready to go to her forever home.

“This is also the time of year when female dogs and cats are going into heat. Boy dogs and boy cats are looking for girlfriends. they’re just out and about more and unfortunately they do get away, they get through a hole in the fence, they dig a hole, they go out a door,” says Boston.

And that means more puppies and kittens, and an even bigger effort to get mothers and babies too young for adoption placed in foster homes.

Rescue Coordinator Kelly Cruzan says “Fostering keeps them healthy, gets them socialized. They just have a lot of one on one, more than what they would here in the shelter and they have someone who’s keeping care of them all day long, feeding them, making sure everything’s going right.”

It’s fairly quick and easy to sign up, and all the necessary items like food, leashes, and medical care are provided by the shelter.

Officials say their number one goal is getting the animals back to their original homes. They’re using Facebook by posting pictures of all dogs found. On average they return 50 to 90 dogs a month, only 6 cats. As of today, they have 256 animals with a capacity at 275.