Joplin Humane Society gets helping hand from Kansas City

Joplin Humane Society gets helping hand from Kansas City
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Herding 31 cats isn’t easy, although volunteer Susan Zerckel doesn’t complain because she knows many will find speedy adoptions in Kansas City.

“They just have so many more locations and of course the population is bigger and so they just get adopted faster,” said Zerckel.

Zerckel has volunteered with the Joplin Humane Society the past five years, but she’ll never forget the excitement she felt when she first learned about the Kansas City Pet Project.

“I thought it was awesome because we’ve had so many cats, especially in the spring and summer. So many cats, and it’s like, there was no place for them to go for rescue,” said Zerckel.

KCPP, a non-profit, with access to over a dozen adoption centers, including Whiskers Cat Cafe, gives these cats a place to go and increases their chances of finding a forever home.

“We have a 500,000 member population, plus our surrounding metro, and Joplin has 50,000 people that live there. So, their opportunity for finding people who are looking for pets is much smaller,” explained Jennifer Dreiswerd, Cat Manager for KCPP.

For the Joplin Humane Society, it’s a win-win.

“We make extra space in there so we actually can help more of the public and the four states when they need us, and we can also help the animal patrol officers because they can bring us more animals when they find them and we get to save lives.”

All that hard work pays off to see these cages empty, but filled with something new: hope for a home.

“It’s like you’re happy, but then you miss them, but you’re just happy that they’re going to a good home,” said Zerckel.

Since last year, when the Joplin Humane Society first partnered with KCPP, more than 300 cats have made the journey to Kansas City.