Joplin Housing Authority gets low score on PHAS Report

Public Housing Assessment System Score Report
Joplin Housing Authority gets low score on PHAS Report

The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development released the Public Housing Assessment System Score Report for the Joplin Housing Authority.
Joplin Housing Authority Executive Director Matt Moran was not happy with a score they received.

“I’m disappointed but I feel like I understand why we wound up with those scores and I’m committed to doing what we need to, to get those scores up.”

The Housing Authority received high scores overall, but a 12 out of 25 was given for management.

“Our issue is a section of the scoring system that is related to the speed for which we turn around some of our vacancies. It doesn’t reflect the quality of the work that we do except that we’re slower than HUD would like” said Moran.

The Housing Authority currently has 275 low income housing units and in 2018 there were 65 turnovers.

“Our goal is to have it as near new as it can be when somebody moves in and sometimes that takes more time than it would if we were just running a vacuum and turning the keys over to the next person” added Moran.

There was also a deduction in points for uncollected rental debts.

“You’re always able to pursue that debt but you’re going after people that probably don’t have it and maybe won’t have it for, you know, any near future and so that’s another manner that we have to manage” Moran added.

In total the agency scored a 79 out of 100. Moran says they are planning on focusing on efforts to increase the speed of vacancy turnover to raise the P-H-A-S score.

“It’s just a matter of getting to them sooner and hopefully getting through them faster. We can do that either through the help of hiring contractors that can help us with that or finding additional staff that have the skill sets we need to help improve our performance in that area.”

The Housing Authority has drafted a response letter to the Department of Housing and Urban Development and will be waiting for a follow-up decision on the next steps to move forward.

Below is a copy of the Score Report.

Score Report

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