Joplin high school gives students college/career readiness tests

College and career readiness is a new standard for school districts being measured by the State of Missouri. On Tuesday and Wednesday, juniors at Joplin high school took one assessment called the ASVAB. the armed services vocational aptitude battery.
Adam Norsworthy a junior says, “There wasn’t anything on the test I didn’t think I was gonna use, cause everything I’ve seen on it I’ve been needing it. You need to know about it. I think it was a really useful test.”
Senior Tiffini Reding took both the ACT and the ASVAB and says, “I think it shows you a wide variety of what you need to know to have a job. It puts in business questions and puts in math question, science questions.”
School districts must assess college and career readiness before students graduate. The asvab, act and compass tests are ways to measure that.
Principal Kerry Sachetta says, “Kids are looking at what they’re doing for college and career related to school work. What’s my academic performance, usually that’s been writing, reading, math, scientific reasoning. There’s some relationship there to core curriculum and then how does that relate to a career. And the connecting those two. Am I ready for a career as far as where I’m at in academic pursuits.”

The numbers of students taking these types of tests is now part of how the state measures a district for accreditation. And while Joplin has seen a big jump in the number of students taking them with the ASVAB mandatory for juniors and free, When it comes to the act and other tests there can be a cost to the student or their families.
Assistant superintendent Angie Besendorfer says, “One concern we have as a district is some of those tests that are used are not tests that are paid for by the state, they’re paid for by a parent.”

One thing the district would like to change is which tests count in the states measurement . The National Career Ready Certification exam taken by many students at Franklin tech isn’t accepted right now.
Besendorfer says, “Jasper county is first in nation to be a workforce ready community and the test for that isn’t counted in MSIP 5, the Missouri School Improvement Program, but yet our community feels like that’s important.”
For now The NCRC or national career ready certification will be given to all Joplin high seniors using funding from a grant.