Joplin High School Eagles continue undefeated, community rallies behind the team

Joplin High School’s football team had a tough start to the year, with the loss of fellow player, Kadin Roberts-Day. But now, entering tonight’s game, they were undefeated. So we decided to look at the support and spirit behind the team.

Joplin High School has been no stranger to tragedy and hardship, and this year was no different. Early in the season, the Eagles suffered the unexpected loss of fellow player and classmate, Kadin Roberts-Day. Amber Cutbirth, Eagle mom says “We’ve had a lot of hardships this season and I think, the one thing you can say about these boys is they have heart, and they go out every single game and they lay it all out on the field and they don’t give up.”

The team rallied together, and brought his spirit with them, for every game. Amber says “They promised each other at the beginning of the season that every play is going to be for Kadin, it’s going to be for their brotherhood, so, it’s very exceptional to see quite a group of young boys come out and show up and show out every single game.”

Amber Cutbirth has a son, number 70, and she and her fellow “Eagle moms” come out to support their kids, and the team. What’s been most beneficial, she says is the support of the community. That includes folks like Brian Ipsen. He’s been making a number of spirit items, from cowbells to shakers, to get the kids and community involved. Brian says “It’s important that kids are proud of the school and the town that they’re from and, this is a great opportunity for them to get behind their school and be proud of what they’re part of.”

As for Amber, she says just being there for her son and her team, is most important, but getting loud, is just as important. “We’re standing up and screaming and yelling and we’ve got our cowbells and our signs and our megaphones, we’re excited for them, every time they come out we’re excited, we’re ready to cheer.”

The Eagles won tonight, making their record 12 and 0. The final score, 35 to 7. They’ll move on to the state semi-finals.


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