Joplin High School delays grand opening

Joplin High School to celebrate opening with record-long ribbon

Update August 21, 2014: School is delayed for students of the new Joplin High School and Franklin Technology Center.

Superintendent C.J. Huff announced Thursday that the schools will not open as scheduled on Monday August 25, 2014, but instead will begin classes on September 2nd, 2014.

Huff said they could technically move students in on Monday but the delay will give faculty, staff and students time to become more familiar with the buildings.

Staff and volunteers helped move supplies into the facility this week, but faculty and teachers haven’t been able to set up classrooms or review safety and security procedures.

In a press conference Thursday morning, Huff said the building didn’t have a temporary certificate of occupancy for the gymnasium.

? Classes will begin for elementary and middle schools on August 25, 2014.

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? Update:

It’s my understanding that there are two remaining items to be checked off the list in order to receive our temporary certificate of occupancy, which will allow our volunteers to be allowed at the site. There is some programming that needs to take place with our HVAC system that is underway (there is not a problem with the HVAC system – it just needs to be programmed to respond a certain way if a fire is detected so that smoke won’t spread through the building). And, the elevators need to be inspected by the state fire marshal. The elevators have already passed the local inspection. The state inspector is supposed to be on site tomorrow. The city inspectors are on site daily – the inspections are an ongoing process. Once these two items are addressed, it is our understanding that we will receive the TCO. So, unless something else comes up that is unknown to us at this time, we should know sometime tomorrow about a Wednesday start date for our move.

The new Joplin High School fails an inspection delaying move in efforts.

The school district didn’t receive its temporary certificate of occupancy after a walk through Friday with contractors and city inspectors.

Crews worked even on Sunday to get the school ready for its August 25th start date.

Volunteers were supposed to start moving boxes of teachers supplies and materials on Monday.

While classroom construction looks complete, officials say elevators need to be inspected, and there’s an issue with the heating and cooling system. The district invested in a water cooled system that eliminates rooftop units.

Officials hope to pass inspection and allow for volunteers to work on Tuesday or Wednesday.