Joplin High School athletics honors a man supporting the team for a decade

JOPLIN, Mo. – Joplin High School basketball games can be pretty special, especially on a night like tonight because, it’s senior night. But there’s someone the school wanted to honor who’s not a senior but holds a special place in their hearts.

Jeremiah Brown isn’t a basketball player, but his brothers were. And even though he didn’t play he was here every night at Joplin’s Kaminsky Gym rooting for his brothers and the team. Coach Jeff Hafer says “They’ve all been gone now for years and Jeremiah has remained.”

And all those years of experience has earned him respect among the team and the coaches. Coach Hafer says “He works at it, he works hard to offer plays and situations and things like that for us coaches and he’ll hand me a stack of plays before every single game.”

And Jeremiah is proud of his team. Jeremiah Brown says “The basketball team, they’re the best of all time.”

Jeremiah has been helping the team now for ten years, so at Monday’s boys basketball game, they decided to honor him. Coach Jeff Williams says “This guy loves the Eagles, he’s the best fan like I said that you could ever ask for.”

They presented him with a blanket with photos of the last ten years he’s helped the team. And his presence is just as important to the players as it is to the coaches. Senior Blake Tash says “So there was one game earlier this season, I went out and I missed my first three point shot, and I came over to the bench, and JB was like ‘come on man, keep shooting the ball’ because I had kinda just caught it and passed it since then, and then I went out and made two three pointers.”

And Coach Hafer says the love for Jeremiah goes beyond the court. Coach Hafer says “All the students generationally know Jeremiah, love Jeremiah, he interacts with everybody and just a source of genuine joy to be around.”