Joplin health director anticipates more Covid-19 cases

"I believe social distancing is helping to blunt that rise in cases."

JOPLIN, Mo. – Sometimes no new numbers is a good thing, especially during this time.  During a media briefing today Joplin’s health director said as of yesterday, there had not been any new Covid-19 cases within Joplin city limits.

Officials are still asking people to stay home when possible and keep social distancing.

A representative with the Jasper County COAD group also spoke today.  COAD stands for Community Organizations Active in Disaster.  She spoke about how this organization is teaming people in need with other organizations that can help.  These needs can include food, rental help, and general housing assistance.

Joplin’s health director says it’s important people’s needs are being taken care of, so the right safety measures can continue.

“I would assume that that’s going to be the case, that we’re going to have more cases over the next few weeks,” says Dan Pekarek with the Joplin Health Department.   “We’re certainly watching for that.  We’re doing more testing in the community compared to what we were even (doing) a couple of weeks ago.  So the more testing you do the more likelihood you are of seeing more cases.  So we certainly anticipate more cases.  How many, and to what level, we just don’t know.”

“I do believe that what we’re doing in the community with social distancing… We know we have some cases in the area, and we’re not seeing an abrupt rise in the cases.  So I believe social distancing is helping to blunt that rise in cases,” says Pekarek.

If you have needs during this time, you can visit the City of Joplin website and look for COAD to connect with someone.  COAD is for anyone living in Jasper County.