Joplin Health Department resumes health inspections in the city

JOPLIN, Mo. – As restaurants in the city reopen, the Joplin Health Department is resuming health inspections.

Officials with the Joplin Health Department say they’ve resumed normal health inspections as many restaurants in the area begin to open up following Coronavirus closures. Ryan Talken says the inspectors will be taking appropriate COVID precautions, like wearing masks and gloves. They say they’ll be looking for the usual things, like food safety and cleanliness, however, they’ve added something new, COVID compliance checks.

Ryan Talken says “There’s a couple instances right at the very start where the restaurant may have known, they had a plan, but you know how plans are, when you implement it sometimes it kinda fell apart but they, after reviewing it and kinda changing it a bit everybody seems to be doing the right thing.”

Talken says they’ve haven’t cited anyone for COVID violations but instead are working with restaurants and businesses to ensure they become compliant. They’ve also resumed lodging inspections and recreational inspections.