Joplin gym expands online fitness programs

JOPLIN, Mo. – With the start of the new year, plenty of people are setting fitness goals as part of their resolution, but the pandemic has changed the way a lot of people are choosing to work out.

A Joplin gym is adapting to help people meet their goals from home.

During lockdown, gyms closed prompting more people to look into workouts they could do from the comfort of their own home to beat the quarantine blues.

“It’s definitely helped me to get out of the funk of being stuck inside and Olivia’s really good, her trainings are really good about getting your mindset,” Justine Douthit.

Olivia Lotven teaches workouts online through Altered Gym. She offers several plans for people based on their needs and what they have on hand.Screen Shot 2021 01 04 At 7.57.33 Pm

“We have a lot of people that have been stuck at home and they haven’t gotten sick, but they don’t have any dumb bells so how can we assist them so that they still feel like they’re doing the things to keep them mentally and physically healthy,” said Lotven.

Another perk that comes with these online workouts is flexibility.

“Gyms are only open a certain number of hours and so the time of the day fitting into my schedule is the best part for me,” said Douthit.

Of course, the gym is still open for anyone who wants to come in. Social distancing and masks are required, but the pandemic and technology has opened up a new way of exercising.

“It’s been super awesome to see how well it’s taken to see how many people are interested in learning more and doing more and going outside of their comfort zone,” said Lotven.

“I do go to the gym here and there, but I do more workouts at home and I think that’ll be what I stick to,” said Douthit.