Joplin group opening home focused on comfort for those in their last days

Solace House of the Ozarks to be first of its kind in Missouri

JOPLIN, Mo. – Margie Myers spends most of her time talking about end of life care as a consultant with Compassus Hospice.

And many times, she sees that people want to stay home during that time, but many of them can’t because they don’t have the right resources.

“People that don’t want to be in a nursing home, maybe they can’t afford a nursing home, and they don’t have any other resources,” says Myers.

That process is something she sees all the time but was made more personal when her mother-in-law Jean passed away not even a year ago.

“My mother in law was at Spring River, and she.. that’s not where she wanted to be,” says Myers.

Megan Spiering with Freeman Hospital says people they care for during their final days also fit into a gap that needs to be filled.

“We’re an acute care facility, so we can’t keep them. So when we get them into the best spot possible and they’re pretty comfortable, we do look at getting someone outside of the hospital. And that’s where we do run into issues of.. who’s gonna step up?” says Spiering.

Filling that gap and creating another option is why both Myers and Spiering are helping start “Solace House of the Ozarks.”

“It’ll be a place for somebody to go and spend the rest of their days with the family,” says Myers.

Founder Susan Lincoln says the home will be just that. A home that’s as comfortable as possible — for the guest and their family.

The project is being funded by donations and will be run by volunteers — like nurses and CNA’s — that can help family members with around the clock care.

“We’ve found so many people, caregivers, like an elderly wife perhaps, she needs 24-hour help. But she can’t afford that. Almost no-one can. And so, that’s what we’re providing,” says Lincoln.

Last week, the group leased a two-bedroom, two-bathroom home off of 26th street in Joplin.

Once it’s open, stays will be offered to anyone on hospice care for free.

“We hope that they get a chance then to instead of worrying about costs, be able to connect in really meaningful ways with their loved ones,” says Lincoln.

Myers hopes once it’s all said and done, the home will have a positive impact on families.

But one thing’s for certain. Her mother-in-law would have loved it.

“It would have absolutely been a blessing for her,” says Myers.

The group is currently furnishing the home and plans to start taking in guests at the beginning of March.

In the long run, they hope to open a 10 bedroom facility so they can impact as many people as possible.

If you want to learn more about Solace House, follow this link: