Joplin for Justice celebrates one year as an organization

JOPLIN, Mo. —“We’re out here celebrating one year of Joplin for Justice and also honoring the lives that have been lost at the hands of the police,” said Joplin for Justice Co-Founder Dola Michelle Flake.

Joplin for Justice has been around for one year now, and in that time they’ve built a platform for the community to come together.

“So we hear all the time that there really wasn’t a progressive platform like this for people to come to.  and so we do think that this is unique for Joplin and something important for us to have,” Flake said.

Saturday’s event for the group showcased some of their recent achievements, along with some changes being made in Joplin.

“We released the policy assessment of the Joplin Police Department which has started a lot of conversations.  and the following week the city of Joplin actually announced that they will initiate a diversity equity and inclusion committee for our city.”

And while the event is a celebration of what the group has accomplished so far, their work isn’t over.

“We still have a lot of work to be done….what I hope to see in the coming years is I’d like to see more things done for our homeless,  um because every day when I drive down the street I see a lot of people on the streets begging for help,” said Joplin for Justice member  Kenton Felker.

With a year under their belt, the organization says they plan to continue educating themselves and growing as a group.

“Moving forward we just hope to continue to grow in support and grow in influence and also continue to educate ourselves on how to support our community, to be more welcoming,” Flake said.  

Now, they say they will continue to engage in conversations with the community, and continue promoting inclusion in the area.