Joplin Fire Marshal Inspects Firework Stands

Joplin Fire Marshal Inspects Firework Stands

Many residents are gearing up to load up on fireworks for the upcoming holiday weekend. By now, you’ve seen the tents across the four states. But, in Joplin before vendors can start selling to you, they have to meet certain standards.

This year, there are 14 tents selling fireworks within city limits. Unloading boxes and setting up tables is certainly work but much more work goes in to ensure the tent meets city code.

“It has to have emergency exits, you have to be able to get in and get out of the tent, put out a fire if one starts and then our exits have to be a certain distance, our pathways have to be a certain distance, so we kind of have to do a lot of code stuff for only being up for 4 days,” says Mike Adel with Kaboomers Fireworks.

The Adel family has set up temporary shop on West 7th Street for several holiday weekends. They have the process down pat.

“We know all of that going in so we have to make sure we run our lighting so we can see, change light bulbs out, measure the table distance and things like that so it’s just since this is our 4th year we’re pretty good at it by now,” says Adel.

But before they can open up to residents, the Fire Marshal has to walk through.

“We see whether they’re running off of temporary power, off a power pole, or if they’re running off a generator and if it’s a generator we explain to them they have to keep that generator 20 feet from the tent and make sure that they secure the wiring that’s on the ground so it’s not a trip hazard,” says Fire Marshal.

Inside he’ll check lighting, ensure fire extinguishers are up to certain standards and go through permits and paperwork.

The Adel’s stand passes the test and the big weekend can officially begin.

“It’s just a fun thing to do, kind of fun in a stressful way,” he says.

Firework sales within Joplin city limits begin tomorrow and end on the 4th.