Joplin Fire Dept host ‘wet down’ ceremony, brand new ladder truck goes into service

The tradition holds that after washing the firetruck, the community it serves pushes it into the bay
Courtesy Joplin Fire Dept.

JOPLIN, Mo. — Joplin firefighters will be joined by City of Joplin officials and community members during a “wet down” ceremony for the new ladder truck being put into service at Joplin Fire Station #5.

  • WHAT: Introduce new ladder truck in traditional wet down ceremony.
  • WHERE: Joplin Fire Station No.5, 3223 S Texas Ave.
  • WHEN: 3 p.m. Wednesday, June 22

NOTE: Parking is available on the southwest side of the Food 4 Less parking lot.


Courtesy Joplin Fire Dept.

After the wet down portion of the event, participants can join firefighters to “push” the truck into the station to be ready for the next call.

This tradition of wetting down a fire truck as it begins service is reminiscent of the late 1800’s when fire departments used horses to pull a fire apparatus to fires. After fighting the fire, the crews would wash and ready the horses and the apparatus in preparation for the next call. Crews push the apparatus into the station’s bay because the horse-drawn equipment could not be easily backed into the building. To move the equipment into the station, firefighters and community members gathered as a group to push the heavy equipment into the fire bay.” — CITY OF JOPLIN

SPECS: The new aerial ladder truck has 107 feet of vertical and 100 feet of horizontal reach without compromising on water capacity, performance, or safety. “It provides firefighters flexibility and a wide range of options to manage fires efficiently and effectively at high elevations,” City of Joplin states.

The ladder truck was funded through the Public Safety Sales Tax that voters approved in 2006.

Everyone in the community is welcome to join in this event.

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