Joplin family recovers from COVID-19

Dr. Jordan And His Wife Have A Chat


JOPLIN, Mo. – Joplin ophthalmologist Dr. Larry Jordan, his wife Wesena, and their daughter Larissa have all beaten COVID-19, but not before the disease gave them a scare of a lifetime.

Dr. Jordan spent 46 days in Freeman Hospital fighting the Coronavirus.

“Forty of those days were in the COVID unit, and so we were not able to see him. We would go outside his window, and for part of the days he was in a room where we could wave to him. We couldn’t see him but he would turn his flashlight on in his phone, and we could see his light waving,” said Wesena Jordan.

This couple has been married for 46 years and 40 days was the longest they’d ever been apart. But they weren’t alone in their struggles with COVID-19.

Their daughter Larissa was also struck by the virus although she was able to recover at home.

“I was sick, and to the point where as it went on I would not let mom bring me food. She left it outside the door and I would crawl to the door to get food because it was just too much to walk,” said Larissa Jordan.

All three are doing much better, although Dr. Jordan still has some recovering to do. He may be currently getting some help from an oxygen tank, but he’s determined to get back into his doctor’s office once he’s at 100%.

“I don’t want to end the practice on a note like this. I want to be able to continue seeing patients and working for a while longer,” said Dr. Jordan.

Fortunately for Dr. Jordan and his family, they had a loving church community rooting for them as well as support from all over the world. That can be seen in the countless get well cards and supportive Facebook messages they received.

“We had literally hundreds of thousands of people who would daily pray for him,” said Wesena.

“I got hundreds and hundreds of cards to the hospital, and I’d hear from people, even people I didn’t know saying that they were praying for me, and that a friend of a friend posted that I needed prayers,” said Dr. Jordan.

And the Jordans want to make it clear: They believed those prayers worked and are thanking everyone from the bottom of their hearts.