Joplin Empire Market holds Salsa tasting competition

The public and judges taste tested 4 salsa's

The Joplin Empire Market held a salsa tasting competition on August 10th.

There were 4 competitors who had to make 2 gallons of their own salsa using fresh peppers and tomatoes that would then be tested out by the public and a panel of judges.

The public, with a small donation, was able to taste test each salsa and even vote for their favorite by placing a dollar in the people’s choice jars. There was also a booth to try your luck with a hot sauce tasting.

The competition was held as part of the Pepper fest event which celebrated National Farmers Market week.

Last year’s chili competition winner, Gary Mevius, wanted to try to win the Salsa competition as well.

“I am almost out of salsa, that is the best positive feedback you could get. I’ve had people coming back going I’ve already had one can I have another? And I’m like yeah sure. But im getting a lot of positive feedback, they seem to like the recipe, so I’ll keep it.”

Market Coordinator, Ivy Hagedorn says they decided to hold this competition to have some fun and let the locals test out their recipes.

“We just wanted to provide, you know, some people in town who say they make the best salsa to come out and have a chance to prove it. It’s really a celebration right now of using fresh garden peppers and tomatoes which are in season right now all across the area.”

The winner of the competition received a $75 prize as well as gift cards to local businesses downtown.


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