Joplin Empire Market holds ‘Night Market Before Christmas’ for Friday the 13th

Took on creepier side of Christmas
Joplin Empire Market holds ‘Night Market Before Christmas’ for Friday the 13th

T ‘was the ‘Night Market Before Christmas’, when all through Joplin… Empire Market was buzzing, and community members were shopping.

“I’m wearing my skull necklace, so I love it, it’s a different twist to some other holiday themes that you see this time of year, I think it’s wonderful it’s kind of appealing to the darker side of people” said Joplin resident, Lisa Brown.

Empire Market took a turn to the creepier side of Christmas for Friday the 13th, by having a mixed theme of the Nightmare Before Christmas and A Christmas Carol.

“It’s nice to see the participation of all the vendors and some of them are dressing up which is super cool” added Brown.

Some vendors dressed as Christmas spirits of past, present, and future as part of a scavenger hunt for those attending.

“The certain spirits to mimic the Christmas Carol and then people can come around and have little questions they ask and get a signature and get a special treat at the end of the night” said Alchemist Haven Owner, Angela Harris.

Harris was the Christmas spirit of what’s yet to come.

Her company was a perfect addition to the night market before Christmas, as it gave the market a more magical, mystical twist.

But it also allowed her to attract more customers and educate them on what alchemy really is.

“Alchemy is so much more than the whole magic thing, but I want people to step back and have a belief, things happen just because sometimes and that was kind of the feel for it and each person, none of us are cookie cutters, so taking each person and making something in particular that’s special for them, that’s what alchemists do.”

Now the customers were satisfied with new purchases in hand.

While visions of another ‘Night Market Before Christmas’ danced in their heads.

“This seems to be a pretty successful event, so I’m hoping they’ll repeat it next year” added Lisa Brown.

The Night Market also included live music, food vendors and outside fire pits to enjoy.


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