Joplin Developer Launches “Make JOMO Grow” E-Mail Campaign

Joplin Developer Launches “Make JOMO Grow” E-Mail Campaign

A Joplin developer uses the internet for a new campaign to grow Joplin. Joplin’s Wildwood Ranch is one place, in particular, where there are economic opportunities. It’s a 2,000 acre site that already includes a nursing home, residential homes, and various business buildings.

But the owner of the development property says a change in rules and regulations is one key to making the Joplin-area grow even further.

The next time you log in to your e-mail account, you might come across this particular message that has a generic question.

“We haven’t done any advertising for this. We are going to market this,” says Jimmer Pinjuv, a Joplin developer behind the new “Make JOMO Grow” campaign.

Pinjuv hopes to remind Joplin residents what economic growth can include: Higher paychecks.

Pinjuv says, “Do they want an opportunity for their kids, who become well educated, to stay here and utilize that education and earn a similar amount of money that they would in some bigger municipality? Because right now, somebody becomes a doctor, or a lawyer, and if they really want to make the big bucks, they go somewhere else.”

Pinjuv wants signatures on an online petition he has started to open doors of discussions between him and lawmakers, city and state.

“We need rules and regulations. I’m not against that,” says Ron Jones, a local construction project engineer.

But Jones agrees with Pinjuv that many regulations over new construction go too far.

“The water quality aspect, when water goes off a site. Basically, you create a settling pond. What’s in there will settle to the bottom. It seems to me a little far down the road. Because, I mean, it’s going to run off into a curb. Nobody sweeps the curb,” says Jones.

“Our property values and our cost of living are so low, that with the design criteria, you can’t go out and develop a piece of property, for a residential purpose anyhow, and then sell it for as much as it cost you to develop it,” says Pinjuv.

Pinjuv says governments need to stop trying to completely protect people.

“The buyer should beware. I don’t think it’s the governments’ responsibility to dictate how everything should be built,” says Pinjuv.

“Make JOMO grow.” Pinjuv hopes people will see how this simple statement includes getting back to some of the simplest rules and regulations.

Joplin’s city manager told us by e-mail that he is open to any discussion or effort that will lead to a more prosperous Joplin. But he wants to know more specifics before commenting on Pinjuv’s new campaign.