Joplin city officials discuss recovery in reopening

JOPLIN, Mo. – One of the topics discussed at the Joplin briefing: how do we know we’re moving forward in the recovery.

If things were to suddenly get worse, the city could look at returning to a stay at home order. However, Health Department Director Dan Pekarek addressed how the city would determine that the re-opening process was working and not resulting in an increase in cases.

Dan Pekerak says “One of those things will probably be a per-capita case rate, what is our case rate compared to other case rates around us in other counties, we’re going to kinda look at that regionally to make sure that things are staying hopefully relatively the same, we’ll obviously be looking at our own case rate in addition to that.”

Pekarek says they’ll also remain in contact with the hospitals to ensure they can respond incase of any sudden increase in Coronavirus cases. They’ll additionally be looking at PPE availability especially in high risk facilities.

City officials also told us today they will only be holding the Coronavirus updates once a week on Wednesdays unless there’s major developments.