Joplin City Council votes on handful of ordinances pertaining to local construction and funding

The $3,176,485.00 grant utilizes the Cares Act funding to help recover from COVID-19
City Councill

JOPLIN, Mo – Joplin City Council had a handful of public hearings and emergency ordinances to address in tonight’s City Council Meeting.
Council heard an emergency ordinance to authorize the accepting of a Federal Transit Administration Grant.

“The FTA helps sponsor the activities of the trolley and bus route system and typically on a normal year the funding is 80 percent FTA and 20 percent City for capital purchases, like buying a vehicle or something like that, but the day to day operations are 50-50, 50 percent Federal dollars 50 percent local match” said Joplin Director of Public Works, David Hertzberg.

The $3,176,485.00 grant utilizes the Cares Act funding to help recover from COVID-19.

“It’s enough funds for the next 3 years for the operations to be completely Federal dollars, so 100 Federal and no need for the 50 percent, so as you go through the normal activities of dealing with this type of situation, this helps the city funding and helps for a smooth operation for the next 3 years” added Hertzberg.

What will be funded with the grant are salaries, fuel, maintenance, personal protective equipment and other operational expenses

“Once it’s passed and everything’s signed then it authorizes us to ask for the reimbursements. It’s a reimbursement program, so the city pays the initial bills and then the Federal Government reimburses us” said Hertzberg.

He says the grant is something the city is excited about.

“The maps system is a very essential part of our transport system.”

After the City Council meeting, council members voted to accept the grant.

Another ordinance that City Council considered was for the completion of the final design plans from the 32nd and Connecticut intersection to I-44, as part of the Connecticut Avenue widening project.
The goal of the project is to widen Connecticut Avenue to five lanes, with a walking trail on the west side and a sidewalk on the east side.

You can find the full ordinance details here.

Council members voted to approve the ordinance for a second hearing.

And City Council heard an emergency ordinance concerning the relocation of the general aviation entrance for the airport.
It calls for Hutchens Construction Company to do the work for $919,066.94 dollars.
That relocation is a part of the Airport Master plan and is an agreement between the City of Joplin and Hutchens Construction.

The project will address a number of safety, structural, and transitional issues to better serve general aviation customers and tenants.
“It comes at a good time because number 1 we need to stimulate the economy locally and this is a contract that’s being funded by state funds and so it brings money down from Jefferson City to Southwest Missouri, provides employment and improvements to the airport” said Airport Manager, Steve Stockam.

You can find more details here.

City Council members voted to approve the authorization of the agreement between the City and Hutchens Construction for the relocation of the GA entrance.